The book has been awarded the 2017 Honorable Mention by the Writer’s Digest.

In Guyana, Taniasha, whose birth is not registered, is sold by her father to seasonal gold-miners since the age of seven. When she attempts to escape her torturous life, her little brother, Roy, contracts AIDS. Their grandmother takes the dying boy on a long journey to legendary waterfalls, where she hopes to appease the Great Spirit.

Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, home to the oldest semi-nomadic tribe of the Kalaidzhi gypsies, Dana’s father, Petko, defies the orthodoxy of traditions. But Dana insists that he pay respect to the clan by selling her at the bride’s market.

In any other country, Ninon’s father feels plagued by a lack of inspiration. Nina, his wife, opens up to a new life unaware that Ninon is being abused.